Deny reality

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Hey there. I'm Blenda. I'm from Brazil . 16. I eat beautiful photos for breakfast. I love to play with the colors of the pictures. I love The Beatles with all my heart. I don't know how to leave the past behind. Music is in my atmosphere. Oh, and nice to meet you! Welcome to my place. Scrow down slowly ;) Profile pic drawn by Zero à Esquerda (Julia Albertin) on facebook.


am I the only person who feels like christmas didn’t happen


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OP Theme + Garry’s Theme

I had a melody stuck in my head all day and when I got home I realised it was the Ib Piano Medley. 

That awkward moment when I see this post on my timeline today and I was like listening to this yesterday all day long on youtube and even posted on facebook. I dream of the day I will play this on my piano! Such gorgeous music. Both of the songs. 

Actually, the whole Ib soundtrack is freaking beautiful. Yep.

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